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3 Tips for Planning Your Ceremony

3 Tips For Planning Your Wedding Ceremony.

We know how stressful planning a wedding can be so we thought it might be helpful to pass along some tips. Here are OUR TOP 3 TIPS FOR PLANNING YOUR CEREMONY!

As wedding DJs, our favorite part of a wedding reception is when the guests are all on the dance floor having a blast, but the ceremony is such an important part of the day as well. We handle audio for a lot of ceremonies so here are a few things to think about when planning for your big day.

Microphones – Your guests came to share your celebration and hear you and your partner profess your love for each other. You’re going to want to make sure that your guests can hear what you and/or your officiant is saying. Musicians typically won’t be bringing microphones for you and may not even be amplified themselves. You’re going to want at least one wireless lavalier mic for your officiant with one available for you or your partner if needed (for example, you wrote out vows to each other and are going to read them), and even a handheld wireless mic on a stand if someone is doing a reading or you’re having a singer.

Music – The first thing to think about music wise is your prelude or guest seating music. We think it’s extremely important to have music playing as your guests start to arrive about 30 minutes before the ceremony. Your prelude music should match your vision for the day – don’t settle for classical if you prefer 1920s jazz! Think about what you want your parents/grandparents to enter to. The next thing to think about is the bridal party music. Most people do a song for the groom and officiant coming out, then the groomsmen to that same song. The next song would typically be for the bridesmaids, and then of course, the bride comes in to her chose processional. If you are doing a sand ceremony or candle lighting during the ceremony, think about a background song for that time as well. Don’t forget the big moment after you’re married, the recessional!

Be Specific About Your Song Choices – With YouTube and Spotify being used a lot these days for song selections it’s very important to let your DJ know the exact version of the song you want and where to find it so there is no confusion. I’ve heard stories from wedding industry friends about DJs who played the wrong version of the processional song that the bride wanted. This is an easily avoidable situation – if the song you have your heart set on is something you found on YouTube, send your DJ the link. Clear communication with your DJ goes a long way in making sure your ceremony music is exactly what you envision!

If you are having a hard time choosing ceremony music, here are some suggestions from the most popular songs for the wedding party processional, processional and recessional.

Wedding Party Processionals

We hope this helped! Let us know if you have any more questions about planning your ceremony! Visit our Wedding DJ Page for more info.
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